Thursday, May 12, 2016

Unemployment Diaries: Vacation Days

So I slept for a few hours. Got up at 6:30 to feed my whiny children. Went back to bed.
10:00am Jeremy wakes me up he's leaving for a Dentist's appointment, but I don't want to get up yet--after the late LATE night I am exhausted and feel ill-equipped to apply for more jobs. Oh, right, Jeremy is home today for a dentist appointment. Yay day home with him!

11:30am Jeremy is back, he declares himself Chip Skylark. Great reference. My uterus is trying to eat me. Jeremy agrees to make me some oatmeal and get me an ibuprofen. Kingdom Hearts on my phone because of course. 

12:30pm Jeremy is playing Destiny on the TV downstairs and he wants to go to Costco for some groceries. I agree to go around 1:00. My hair is a mess, so I trim my bangs and mess them up because of course. So I fix them.

3:00pm home from Costco and getting my emissions checked. Now that's off my list yaaay. Start marathoning Agents of SHIELD again. Poke around the internet for possible jobs. Make dinner plans with Ali re: Pilsner's drop-off tonight. Jer plays more Destiny. 

6:00pm mobilize for dinner! Pack Pilsner into my car, Find out Agent Carter has been cancelled, and with it, a little of my soul dies.
7:00pm Dinner with Ali at a chinese place where I apparently can't eat anything. Dessert at Cold Stone and WE WENT THROUGH AN AMC WHERE THEY STILL HAD CIVIL WAR POSTERS FROM SUNDAY YAAAASSSSS

10:00 home. Agents of SHIELD again. Jeremy reads Bloodline. I still feel gross and horrible. Watch more SHIELD until sleep time. Oh, and type this up. :D

Not exciting. But that's alright, not all days can be home-run existential crises. See y'all tomorrow, when I'll still be unemployed.

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