Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Unemployment Diaries: Day 2 (the outside edition)

10:30 I WOKE UP but I laid in bed for an hour playing Avengers Academy and Kingdom Hearts on my phone.

11:30 get out of bed and convince myself I'm going to get some work done before dropping off rent at noon. Play more Kingdom Hearts. Watch New Girl while I eat my cereal (I found some Rice Chex upstairs! But it's the last bowl. Add rice chex to grocery list).

12:15 leave for Starbucks b/c that's where I meet my landlord to give him rent. Treat myself to a green tea frapp with espresso, partly because if I don't get caffeine in my system I'll wind up with another adorable migraine.
I decide to check out Goodwill for any books. Find nothing. Check the plastic toys for any Disney figures b/c wedding decorations. Find a bag full o' Beauty and the Beast toys. Decide I should create a spreadsheet of what figures we already have so I don't buy the same ones over and over.

1:00 pharmacy time to drop off prescriptions for refill. pick up hair dye and condoms (practice safe sex, kids!), both of which were on my shopping list. Tweet about my day b/c damn I look cute. Yes, that's Peggy Carter lipstick and Peggy Carter sunglasses and a Peggy Carter t-shirt. I'm not usually this On Theme.
Oh yeah, do you follow me on Twitter??

1:30 home. watch New Girl. hang with roommate Hannah. Laundry. Kingdom Hearts. Paint nails for the base of my Winter Soldier manicure.
What else did I even do with my time?????? No one knows.

4:00 apply for jobs on indeed.com. I found two really great ones! And one kind of okay one. A friend sends me an article about LEGO company jobs, but they're all in far-flung countries and also for like engineering-minded people. I am decidedly not an engineer, regardless of what my Fitz t-shirt says.

5:00 feed cats, get ready to leave for therapy. My sister is babysitting for my fave kid, who has declared war considering he is an Iron Man fan. Snapchat about said war. Declare him dead to me. He sends increasingly impressive vids of himself in full costume complete with SOUNDTRACK IN THE BACKGROUND???? Note to self: Teddy is very wrong, but very dedicated. Hire him in the future.

5:45 guess what I don't have therapy oh well I'm out of the house now! Stop at pharmacy, pick up rx. Stop at grocery store, pick up delicious toppings for my bagels, cereal, some avocados, whatever. Have a Really Uncomfortable Time at the self-checkout? Like I'm here to AVOID human interaction please do not stand so close to meeee???
(there is a longer version of this story but I've already told it three times today. Maybe I'll include it tomorrow.)

6:30 home. settled. eating some unhealthy dinner b/c I decide I deserve it. fold laundry, wash more laundry. Tell Hannah the uncomfy grocery store story.

7:30 SAM GETS HOME! Sam is also my roommate. He's cool. Sam and I fill each other in on our days. I read a couple more job postings Jeremy sent, none of which seem GREAT but one seems okay so I start my application. Watch some Teen Mom 2. Be glad I bought those condoms earlier. Tell the grocery store story for round 2.

8:30 begin countdown for Agents of SHIELD, while watching very little of Prisoner of Azkaban on Freeform.

9:00 live tweet Agents of SHIELD partially because I am total trash for that show, partially because I really like the interaction of the community. Clark Gregg retweets me. I am pleased.

9:30ish Ted Cruz drops out of presidential primaries. Sad. I was really rooting for the Zodiac Killer, tbh. I wanted to see where his lizard people campaign was going.*
I....was not going to vote for him. 

*I was not rooting for Ted Cruz. I'm not honestly rooting for anyone? I'm kind of hoping Obama just declares himself King. 

10:00 Destroyed again by Agents of SHIELD. Chip Zdarsky has also liked one of my tweets, but it's not enough to stop my sadness.

11:00 Jeremy is home from DnD! I tell the uncomfy grocery store story for the third time, to which both he and Sam react with great delight. They insist it is due to my story-telling abilities and not my discomfort. I am skeptical.

11;30 Jeremy leaves for sleep. I type up most of this diary. Sam watches some sad-ass movie about vampires which features a man named Josh (Hartnet? Hartnell? I don't feel like googling this one.)

12:00 obsessed with Ben Foster and proving he was in Flash Forward in the 90s with Jewel Staite, I google all this information. I discover this is not a show I made up. Success.

Now I have two options: tumblr until I pass out on the couch, or bed and go for round three on the getting up on time thing. (You have probably already guessed which one I'm picking. GNIGHT)

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