Thursday, May 12, 2016

Unemployment Diaries: The Depression Edition (Part 2)

10:00 There is absolutely no reason for this, but I woke up relatively...fine...Sunday morning. It was mothers day so we had pancakes with Val to celebrate. Cody had come down for the occasion. Val wanted gluten-free pancakes though, and no one liked them. Not even Val.
At some point: get facebook message about booty in Civil War from someone I barely talk to. Beam.
11:00 I ate the doughnut I'd bought the day before instead.
11:01 Jeremy drove us home with plenty of time for me to splash water on my face and head out to the sushi bar where my sister and I both work now. Well, I worked there for two weekends in a row and now I am not on their schedule for a little while. I hope I work there again.
4:00 Working with my sister was actually kind of rad. She showed me pictures from her trip to Costa Rica, which were all pretty cool. I told her about her rabbit and how Sam likes taking care of her (the rabbit, not my sister). Work went by pretty damn fast, actually.
10:30 Home. Tired as fuck again. Worth it.
11:00ish Woke up feeling disgusting, as I hadn't slept more than an hour at a time, and when I did sleep I had nightmares and woke myself up. No REM cycle for me.

It is Dinah's birthday. Celebrate by saying happy birthday.
11:30 Considered a blog post about the weekend, but it just made me sad and I decided no one cared anyhow. Probably some SHIELD watching, who even knows.
5:00 Got ready for RENT rehearsal in a totally bogus outfit I threw together like an hour before I had to leave. Made myself a fancy bagel sandwich, though, which was delish.
Rehearsal was like the light of a thousand suns beaming down on me, with rays made of pure love. No exaggeration. I love RENT so much.
10:30ish home, rehearsal report, hang with Sam as Jeremy already went to bed. Distracted by tumblr, but not for long.
1:00 finally go to bed, pass out choosing a fanfiction to read.
Tuesday began optimistically, with Lucky Charms and some Office viewing.
10:00 phone meeting with former boss about twitter, other elements of my job he wants to understand better.
I reorganized my Agents of SHIELD schedule to account for my lack of watching any of it on Friday.
11:00 SHIELD marathon continues. Look for jobs, apply for jobs, help Sam out with a project. He promises wawa for dinner in return. I hold him to that promise.
At Some Point: get facebook message about Sebastian Stan looking like Mark Hamill, from someone else I barely talk to (and barely know!). Clearly I am doing something right.
5:00 get ready to leave for therapy.
6:45 return home from therapy, where I talked too much about SHIELD and not enough about how every time I visit home I wind up with nightmares where I am powerless???? Shrug off. Coulson would ignore, so I will too.
7:30 Sam takes me to Wawa for dinner. Quesadilla with bacon, avocado and extra cheese, chicken and bbq sauce.
10:00 SHIELD is over and I am sad. Jeremy is playing video games. He makes an offhand comment about me prioritizing my time. I take it the wrong way and sulk in the other room while playing Kingdom Hearts, instead of actually doing anything with my time.
11:30 Important Talk About Communication. RELATIONSHIPS TAKE WORK, FOLKS.
Eventually O'Clock: sleep.
which finally brings me to---
It's another glorious day with RENT rehearsal built right in.
9:00 wake up, congratulate self on waking up!
11:00 wake up again. slightly less congratulating. My phone is blowing up??? Everyone wants my early morning attention. need to send out memo about not being a morning person again.
11:30 apply for jobs. Find more jobs. Eat a little.
At Some Point: get facebook message from college friend I barely talk to about my unemployment diaries. (Hey Dana!) She misses them. I swoon.
12:30 begin SHIELD viewing for the day. We're near the end of Season one which is BALLER. I reorganize my schedule once again b/c my depression has made me fall behind a little. poo.
2:00 post office run. Pick up some soda and a candy bar. Oh, and I got my period. Explains the depression a little. And the king size of the candy bar.
3:30 more SHIELD, more job hunting in the background.
5:30 help Sam with side project. Get ready to go to rehearsal.
7:00 rehearsal, where whatever the opposite of satan's butthole happening. I get a whole tech table because we're in the upstairs room. God Bless America and God Bless Wednesday. P.S. Santa Fe sounds great our Collins is on point come see RENT this summer.
10:30 home. Kingdom Hearts. Job hunting. One more episode of SHIELD to wrap up season one. Apply to three more jobs, all of which sound rad. Consider going to bed but WAIT. There's a monster Unemployment Diary entry waiting to be written. Remember Dana and her desire to read these. DO IT FOR DANA!
3:30 am type these words (is this meta enough?? Who knows.) Declare this monster DONE.
Who even authorized this??????

And of course, now I'm not really tired, so I'll probably play Kingdom Hearts until I pass out on this couch with my cats, when there's a perfectly good fiance to snuggle in the other room.
Hopefully, I will be back tomorrow with only ONE DAY'S WORTH of updates. :*

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