Monday, May 2, 2016

Unemployment Diaries: Day 1

Hello everyone! Long time, no blog.
Today is my first official day of unemployment--I quit my marketing job b/c of reasons and I'm going to spend my time working on writing and theatre work. I've got RENT rehearsals three nights a week, and still freelance for InsightBulletin, but in the mean time, I've got....well....I've got cats.

Anyways I thought it'd be a great idea to keep notes here on my blog, first of all it'll keep me writing consistently, help me keep track of all the Great Ideas I have throughout the day (today's gem: keeping a blog to keep track of all my Great Ideas. How Meta.), and generally broadcasting all the really exciting and inspirational things I do all day (example: it is 4:00pm and I'm still in pjamas.)

Without further ado, here's today's entry.

11:00 Wake up, think how early it must be and how great it is that I woke up without an alarm. Look at phone for time. Have regrets. I slept through my 9:00 and 9:30 alarms.

11:15 Get breakfast. Roommate is watching Cutthroat Kitchen on demand. Join while I eat my Lucky Charms (I'm out of Lucky Charms....add to grocery list).

12:15 Downstairs for all my Productivity to start. Migraine starts to settle in. Consider nap, decide NO WAY I'VE ONLY BEEN UP FOR AN HOUR ARE YOU KIDDING? Log in to tumblr instead.

1:00 Okay I've been on tumblr too long.

1:30 So I should probably log off tumblr and do something productive

Chris Evans has a dog named Dodger okay seriously though nothing else on tumblr is worth my attention.

2:30 finally close computer because migraine is so bad I feel like I've got to vomit.

2:35 clean kitchen. Take excedrin. Consider all the things I haven't done with my day. Make tea. Open window for cat to enjoy the spring air. Take out recycling and trash. Wow this is exhausting. Try not to vomit b/c of headache that's still lingering. 

3:00 turn computer back on with intention of doing paperwork for RENT. Check emails, delete a bunch of them. Cry b/c JAWS sperrys are now in stock at Journeys and I have a mighty need. 
Cry b/c headache still lingering. (p.s. I have not actually cried today, just been generally upset.)

3:30 smol cat sits on me, preventing me from doing ANYTHING (read: playing Kingdom Hearts on my phone). Landlord and I set up time to pay rent. 

4:00 start this blog post, consider all the things I STILL haven't done today. Start to-do list. 

4:30 email cast to let them know our rehearsal location has changed. Consider all the things I still haven't done today. (this is the theme of the day).
Agonize over what to wear to rehearsal, as this is the first time I've gotten dressed all day and I want it to count. Decide on ridiculous neon colored Star Wars ensemble. Feel sad I didn't think of this combo sooner.

5:00 print out any missing paperwork for RENT binder. Charge phone which is almost dead from all the Kingdom Hearts important work I've been using it for.

5:30 PRINTER IS BEING A BRAT so I clean the cat's litter room (which is really just a portion of our downstairs bathroom, which is really just a toilet in the same room as our washer/dryer.)


7:00 marvel at RENT rehearsal like full on Angelica Schuyler in New York City like how lucky am I to be alive rn

10:00 drive home

10:40 home. eat some ice cream. consider my life choices. Snuggle w/Jeremy. Hang out w/Sam. Stare at bunny. Stare at photos of monkeys my sister is meeting in Costa Rica. 

12:00 Read hella long article Leia posted to fb (for your reference the article is here)
add a million new books to Amazon wishlist based on article. Consider Western novel, but come to no interesting conclusions. 

12:45 decide to send out rehearsal report/emails to folks. so tired my eyes burn, but I click on tumblr anyways.

1:00 finish unemployment diaries. Post. 

~~le fin~~

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