Monday, May 23, 2016

Unemployment Diaries: Catching Up is Hard to Do.

I am now officially more than a week behind on my diaries. I don't know how that happened. (Don't let me lie to you, I know exactly how it happened and it rhymes with Schamgents of Schmield)
P.S. I am typing this with a cat stretched across my whole lap, kneading into my oversized Stitch Tsum-Tsum. That cat is Sif and she's tickled pink that I'm still home with her.

Last weekend was spent decidedly not in my house.


11:00 Sam wakes me up to ask if I want to get breakfast and if he can borrow my car if he drives me to rehearsal. No brainer, since he offers to buy said breakfast and uses the word "Starbucks".
11:30 Sam and I stumble into the second-biggest Starbucks I've ever seen (the biggest is in Disneyland). Start getting text messages and phone calls from cast members who don't know what room we're in (neither do I! useless stage manager)
12:00 Rehearsal begins and I rejoice for five hours straight.
5:00 Sam picks me up from rehearsal. We get dinner at Panera, check out the tattoo shop where my artist now works, decide on a theatre where we're going to see Civil War. We head out for Laurel, where there's a very fancy theatre.
8:00 Get tickets to Civil War because that movie is baller. We can't get tickets until a 10:00pm showing which is fine with us but apparently not with a lot of other humans, as the ticket lady weirdly thanks us for being kind and patient?? (Be nice to people behind counters, please.)
8:30 After wandering around a super pointless shopping center for a half hour we find a Books A Million with some Marvel trades on clearance. I buy all the Bucky Barnes books I can afford.
9:00 Books A Million closes and we get kicked out.
9:15 Get candy from Giant because movie theatre candy is OUTRAGEOUSLY OVER PRICED, while grocery store candy is OUTRAGEOUSLY OVER SIZED. I buy literally two pounds of Twizzlers.
10:00 Movie time. Still not enough butts.
1:00 Get home. Sleep. Jeremy's in New York and I fall asleep watching Arrested Development.

10:00 Wake up. I'm going to Lee's house today!
12:00 Lee and I go to Silver Spring and eat a lot of food and watch people take part in festivities that we have decided are related to a ceremonial sacrifice. This decision is arbitrary. I order the same thing I've been eating at Cold Stone since 2003.
1:00 (-ish) Back at Lee's apartment, he convinces me to watch a TV show called Scrotal Recall, which is British and amazing. There are only a handful of episodes right now. We watch them all.
6:00 Home, where we need to go to the grocery store. Jeremy is back from New York.
I watch significantly less Agents of SHIELD than I need to in order to finish my livetweet marathon on time.
11:00 I go to bed with Jeremy, but I'm up again at 2AM

Monday (Technically)
I want Hunter's Tee.
2:00AM I go to the couch to watch more SHIELD and try to make up for lost time.
4:30AM I fall asleep on the couch along with my fave top-secret Agents.
6:00AM Jeremy wants to know why I'm on the couch. Everyone is always waking me up.

Monday (Actually)
12:00PM Finally up. Not great sleep the night before. Spend way too long trying to figure out how to watch season 3 of SHIELD without buying every episode on Amazon. Nothing seems to pan out.
4:00PM Consultation for my next tattoo, which I wanted to go get right after I quit my job.
5:30PM Head to the giant Starbucks near the Community Center to get some work done before rehearsal. Apply for jobs. Open a blogspot page to work on this blog. Do nothing instead.
6:45PM Leave for rehearsal. Four more hours of heaven on earth.
10:30PM home. rehearsal report. End up awake until 3AM b/c I'm writing a long-ass post on facebook, which is now here on the blog. Check it out.

IT IS THE DAY OF THE SHOW (Agents of SHIELD season finale.)
10:30AM Up and at'em. Looking for jobs. Finding....nothing great. Apply for some at Johns Hopkins.
1:00PM Therapy.
2:00PM Home. Futz around online probably. Confirm my friend Max is coming over for the finale this evening. Discover a BINGO drinking game for said finale.
Drive Hannah and Nymeria to airport where they will be headed to Texas for a whole week.
Who even knows how I entertained myself until
7:00PM Start drinking b/c I have nothing better to do with my life
7:30PM Max comes over! Sam gets home! Food!
9:00PM FREAKIN AGENTS OF SHIELD FINALE is disappointing and consequentially I am sad.
11:30PM Kick out Max. Everyone is going to bed and since that seems pretty trendy, I also go to bed.

Just to let you know how eventful this day was, I had to scroll through my group chat in order to figure out what happened.
And I quote 4:30 PM: "I woke up at 1. I have been playing kingdom hearts and watching new girl and scrolling through tumblr. I made breakfast when I got up and both the oatmeal and tea were cold before I motivated myself to even eat's been A SUPER COOL DAY"
I then proceeded to dress in a goth-fairy princess outfit for rehearsal, including nearly-knee high leather boots, a pastel green dress, and dark purple lipstick. I don't even know what my life is about anymore.
7:00PM-10:00PM Rehearsal is, once again, glorious.
10:30PM Home from rehearsal. Mild depression treated with Disney Parks videos. which mostly just make me want to return to Disney. Go to bed with the smell of Pirates of the Caribbean floating in my brain.

This is pathetic. BUT WAIT,THERE'S MORE! Tune in again when I post next to find out what kinds of messes I've gotten myself into.

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