Monday, May 23, 2016

Unemployment Diaries: Catching Up is Hard to Do (Part Two) (When Will I stop Rhyming??)

Here's the second part of me catching up on my diaries. YOU BEHIND? Find part one here, or go back to the beginning by clicking HERE.
10:30AM Wake my ass up because I have an eye doctor appt at Costco at 11:15. Forget to eat before leaving. Cranky.
11:30AM (ish) Find out my eyes are mostly the same, but my right eye is getting worse faster than my left. Embark on the adventure of picking out new glasses. I've had the same style glasses more or less for about eight years. I resist the urge to pick a mild variation on my current style. Send photos to Jeremy, Sam and Leia to get help with choosing a style. Jeremy says my second faves make me look like Trelawney. He's wrong but it starts to bug me. I pick a roundish red pair.
12:30PM I find a "my first computer programming" book for small children at Costco. Laugh.

3:00PM thirst over the new cast for Riverdale because let's be honest, I'm trash for the Archie universe no matter how much it gets messed with.
4:30PM Leave for shift at sushi restaurant. Tired. Feet hurt.
8:00PM Sam shows up at restaurant b/c he thought he had plans but turns out he did not. We hang out after I get cut from the schedule for the night.
11:00PM Home from the city. Sam tells me he is waking me up in the morning b/c I should not be sleeping in as much as I am. It doesn't help with depression. I agree.

Between Jeremy and Sam, I'm awake at the ass-crack of dawn, which I define as "before 9am"
7:30AM Shower. Freshens me up and wakes up my body.
8:30 AM have some breakfast and tea. Decide to watch a movie while I take care of some RENT paperwork. Choose About Time, which has been on my list since before it came out. Cry at all the parts you wouldn't expect. Think about moving to England again. 10/10 for aesthetics. 8/10 for butts. (Rachel McAdams in her panties counts, right?)
Find out my fave Sloth Sanctuary is not all it's cracked up to be. Be sad.
11:00AM Go for walk around the block, which is part of my "waking up early and doing shit with my life" routine. Pick some buttercups.
11:15AM home. Offer buttercups to Sif, who tries to eat them, the ungrateful brat. Sit on back porch, but Sif just meows at me through the window. She is always dying for my attention.
12:00PM clean out emails. Start catching up on Unemployment Diaries. Sam invites me to lunch near his job which sounds nice so I agree.
2:30PM It's gorgeous out and I ride all the way to Sam's job feeling like Betty Cooper in my Beetle with the top popped. Perfection.
3:15PM Pick up Sam, who has PRESENTS FOR ME. Captain America comics compendiums and a Doctor Who Coloring Book!!!!! (Sam is the best.)
4:30PM begin the trek home, but there's hella traffic (probably in part due to the fact that it was commencement at a couple local colleges, and also it's 4:30 on a Friday.) Continue to enjoy convertible.
5:30PM Look up what episodes of the new SpiderMan feature Fitzsimmons because let's be real--I'm trash. Find the show on demand. Watch the Fitzsimmons episode and then promptly fall asleep to superhero cartoons also because I'm trash.
7:00PM Wake up to the boys coming home from work. Sheepish about falling asleep to cartoons BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY BECAUSE IT'S HONESTLY PAR FOR THE COURSE.
8:00PM Settle in with The Nanny Diaries, because it, too, is on my list of movies. I want to work on the diaries while it's on in the background, but I'm completely engrossed. And also grossed out by Chris Evans' Boston accent, which hasn't been trained out of him yet in this movie.
Side Bar: I would not WOULD NOT sleep with Chris Evans if he would not admit that the Red Sox are trash. This is a hard line for me.
10:10PM Sif chooses Jeremy's lap as her perching spot right before he's about to get up and get ready for bed. He loves her too much to move her. She is very proud of kneading his bladder when he has to pee. How proud, you ask? This Proud.

Basically Sif is the best always. I have rehearsal in the morning though, so it's bed time sooner rather than later.

11:00AM We all get up for a trip to the comic book shop. Sam is coming to Annapolis with me so he can join me at the tattoo shop for my appointment, so we drop Jeremy back off at home before heading out.
12:00PM Rehearsal. Sam brings coffee over from Starbucks and becomes the best human of the day. Four hours later I've got RENT stuck in my head all over again, the cast is going out for food and Sam and I join them for burgers. Honestly, I love this cast and this production team. The hyperbole I'm using to describe my rehearsals may seem silly or sarcastic, but I assure you it is not. Rehearsal time is going by far too quickly and before I know it this show will be over and I am already upset about it.
5:00PM leave for tattoo shop. My appointment is at 6. I'm getting the beginning of my Winter Soldier tattoo on my left arm. I am so pumped.
6:30PM DONE with phase one. It looks amazing. I'm even more pumped now. I didn't know that was possible. My artist is amazing and you should peep his instagram.
9:30PM Working on stuff with Sam, basically until my eyes bleed.
1:00AM ready for bed. Jeremy is watching TMNT while he gets reading done for his classes, which is super cute because he's really into that show. <3 <3

More tomorrow. It's currently 2am Tuesday morning and I'm sure the guys are going to wake me up in like five hours. :*

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