Saturday, May 14, 2016

Unemployment Diaries: The Procrastination Station

Fridays are supposed to be great? But when you're unemployed they're the same as every other day of the week, tbh. The only difference between Friday and the rest of the week is that it's easier to convince the employed people in my life to hang out. Anyway here's how Friday went:

Who allows me access to the internet
9:00 wake up every ten minutes FOR TWO SOLID HOURS trying to get the last few minutes of shut-eye. Fail because apparently the outside world is very exciting for the dog, and she needs the whole block to know.

11:00 wake up to phone ringing. Talk to sister for a while about her life. Apparently she goes to Starbucks enough that they give her free things sometimes. I also have two emails from a different sister asking for editing help, and a message from Sam asking for a little help with a side project.

12:00 eat bagel, start work on everyone else's projects for the day while Agents of SHIELD plays in the background. At some point, make a list of all the Disney figures Jeremy and I have collected so far for placecard holders re: our wedding. Of course I left the list on the floor in Sam's room, where I still haven't bothered picking it up to put in the computer. *shrug*

4:30 Eat another bagel. I've watched a lot of SHIELD today and I'm about halfway through Season 2?? There are only three season of the show so far, but ssn 2.1 is FECKIN EXCELLENT. Probably the best one. My friend Lee calls b/c he wants me to come hang out this weekend. He's been out of work for like three weeks now with medical issues and he's bored out of his mind. I can empathize.

5:00 Phone call with Jeremy. I know this doesn't seem important, but I like talking to him and anyway we have stuff to discuss about finances and me finding a job and stuff. #goteam! I take a shower b/c we're probably going out

I have a lot of trash like this saved to my
new laptop
7:30 boys get home and we decide to go out for dinner. They saw a weird diner on their way home, and we agree to eat there. It's a re-purposed IHOP that didn't bot
her redecorating at all and I love it. My friend Joey calls right before we're about to sit down. I need to remember to call him back.

8:45 check out a tattoo shop across from the fake IHOP in case they have a Friday the 13th flash sale. They do not. Head home.

10:00 sit around watching Agents of SHIELD, editing my RENT binder (my music pages were hole punched on the wrong side for my purposes. Jeremy plays Destiny, reads Bloodlines, then plays Destiny again.

2:00 bed time b/c I'm exhausted and my eyes hurt. And I have rehearsal tomorrow.

Anyway I only have a few more days of Agents of SHIELD watching before the season 3 finale and I am going to have so much more time. I think I'm going to start reading books out of my library. I also need to call some of the places I've applied and followup on my applications. I should create another spreadsheet to keep track of when I send in applications and don't call too soon after. >_>

anyway see you tomorrow (later tonight) when I write more.

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