Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week Three Round-Up: Pirates of the Blogosphere

This week's title is brought to you by Jeremy's brain, and the fact that we have been over-saturated with Piratey goodness all week long.
Congratulations! If you're reading this, it means you have six months to fight off the demons that have descended (ascended?) to Earth before we all get judged!
If you're not reading this, then your life is clearly boring and unfulfilled.
Here's the round-up of last week's activities!!

1. I finished reading the Imagineering Workout.  I decided to swap between non-fiction and fiction books, so for my next trick I will be reading the rest of the Hitchiker's series, starting with Life, the Universe and Everything. I'm hoping to knock it out by the end of the week, since it's short and shouldn't take much time at all since I won't be at work except for two days this week.  I shall report back.

2. We watched Ratatouille this morning.  I've only seen it once before, but I am glad I watched it again, even though my reaction was pretty much the same as I remember it being- I like the artwork and I get really hungry watching that movie, but the story and character development are nothing to write home about.  Also it kind of frustrates me that love has to play a part in the story line at all.  Why can't two chefs just respect and appreciate each other's work without falling in love?  I'm working on a "Disney 50" chart as far as the progress on this project and hope to have it up later this week.

3. I was offered to have a couple of my plays produced by friends at the school, and I'm going to send them By the Sound and A Little Life.  I've been working on By the Sound for a good four years now, and just wrote A Little Life last semester.  I'm still working on both, but perhaps the goal of production will light a little fire under me to get going on the editing process.  I've also written up a list of blog entries I plan to write.  Again, hopefully that will get started this week!

4. Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Challenge: Accepted, and near completion.  Jer and I watched all three of the Pirates movies last week, and then saw the fourth in theatres last night.  I have plenty of thoughts to share, but will spare them for a movie review post that is ALSO on the list of things that need writing.  I think I might challenge myself to stop going to the movies until I've written a review for the movies I've seen recently in theatres.  Again, fire under the butt in any way possible.

Also, people are actually voting on my poll! Gracias muchas, if you're one of those people.  If you're not, then check it out up in the dooblydoo (tm vlogbrothers) and vooooote!
I think that might be it for now.  


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