Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week One Round-Up: Meatballs and Norse Gods and Mario, Oh My!

Oh, hai! I've decided every Saturday I'm going to do a general update on allllll my projects, so here's week one:

1. The Picture above is the result of my desire to be able to cook a wider variety of foods.  This week I took a recipe out of a pasta book my sister gave me and mixed it with a little "taught by mom" intuition.  The book is Cooking for Le$$: Pasta and it's awesome.  The recipe I worked with is for Cheesy Stuffed Meatballs and Spaghetti, and I followed it mostly except that I was not taught to make meatballs with eggs, just breadcrumbs and garlic salt.  Essentially, I made meatballs with mozzarella in the middle.  It's an easy enough recipe especially if you already know how to make meatballs.  Mine didn't come out quite as melty as the ones in the picture, but I suppose that's to be expected.  I'll have a better photo up next week.

2. The Hero boyfriend and I went to see Thor last night and it was great.  Why does this make the project list? I used to write for a movie review site named, reviewing movies and writing entertainment news.  I really miss it, and I want to start writing about movies again.  I'm working on a real review of Thor, hopefully it will be up by Monday (Spoiler Alert: I loved it.)

3. Super Mario Galaxy has reentered my life.  I love that game, regardless of what I might say while I'm actually playing it.  I know, that game is from 2007, Jen, it's old news, get over it.  Fine, but I haven't beaten it yet, and it's one of my current projects, so... : P  I've beaten the game to the point where I could go get Peach from Bowser, but I want more stars.  I'm trying to beat the bouldergeist on a daredevil run.  It's proving far more difficult than I expected. Jer (The Hero, by the way) suggested I play Galaxy 2 a bit to get my skill back up and then go back to the original game.  That might be what happens.

4. Summer is right on the horizon and I'm looking for work.  I haven't gotten into any of the summer programs at the theaters I've applied to, and I'm still trying to get a straight answer out of my number one choice (which I won't name here until I finally do hear...)  I've got a little volunteer work to keep me busy for now, and I'm still on staff at, but I am definitely on the look out for something with hours that are a little more... regular.   It's taking up more time than I'd like to admit.

Alrighty.  So that's the week in review, it's been pretty busy despite the fact that I've been laying around with flu-like symptoms since Tuesday.  Hopefully, next week will be even more productive (And I get to go see Magz, and then Bowling for Soup on Friday!! W0000!) especially since my last school assignment for the year is due Tuesday...
Enjoy the remainder of the weekend, and don't forget to call your Mom tomorrow!

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