Monday, May 2, 2011

Like Everybody Else, I've got a Dream!

Oh Hai!
New York Comic-Con is in October.  This will be my second year attending (hopefully) and I'm planning to go in costume this year.  Last year I just wore nerdy t-shirts, but this year?
This year I'm going to be Rapunzel, from Disney's Tangled.
I love love loved this movie when I saw it in theatres.  Mostly Pascal just did something special for me (He's the chameleon in the dress...) because I love off-beat sidekicks, and off-beat heroes.  Plus...
...Flynn Rider was particularly attractive.
I like Rapunzel's dress for most of the movie, but I LOVE her dress at the end.  When I decided I was going to make myself a Rapunzel gown, I looked at both costumes at length (the animation in this movie is so good, you can even seen the stitching in both gowns if you press pause at the right moments...) and decided not only would the second dress be easier to make, I think I will probably look better in it, and less like an Easter Egg.  So, I set out screencapping, with the hopes of both being able to design my own version of the second Dress AND a Flynn Rider vest for my hero of a boyfriend.
Here's the screencaps I managed to grab (SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen this movie, you should.)

Okay so Step ONE down.  Then, when I was at Joann's this weekend looking for fabric for said hero boyfriend's Jedi Costume: Take Two (More about that in another post) I started looking through patterns that might be helpful for designing this costume.  I've decided to piece together two patterns, both from McCalls.

McCalls M6343 will be a good skirt pattern, although I think the picture on the pattern is hideous, and I'll be combining pieces from that bodice with McCalls M4491, the dress in the bottom left corner:

I know I'm going to need Pink/light purple satin or sateen like fabric for the actual gown, and the underneath part of the bodice sort of looks like velvet... We'll see how I like those two textures against each other. I'm also going to need lace and ribbon, to finish off the details of the dress.  I may end up either embroidering or painting on the patterns to the bodice and skirt, depending on how delicate the fabric is and how I like the look of each method.
I think I'll order the patterns with my next paycheck, since I can't do anything about the actual dress until I've got money enough to buy fabric.
And that's about as far as I've gotten today.
Please feel free to leave questions, comments, and suggestions down below!


  1. I've been finding really helpful tutorials on how to make a bodice sloper (so you get a custom fit.)
    Let me know if you want them... Or help. Or whatever.


  2. YES THOSE WOULD BE GREAT!!! This is going to be a sumer project, so we will definitely have to discuss!!!