Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Check check check

Here is a super exciting (to me, anyhow...) post about projects I have finished recently:
iTunes library: organized. iPod: updated.  Music Collection: happy.
I had to go through and manually add a lot of the artwork, and I put a picture of Tom Selleck for an album of music I stole from my Dad because I like all my albums to have artwork.  I also had to go through and manually do a lot of the genres and while I was doing it I thought it was annoying and time-consuming to have all of the categories filled out for every song, but actually it makes finding music and selecting things to put on my iPod SO MUCH EASIER. Plus, the OCD part of me is just tickled pink that everything looks so complete.
Lego Star Wars III Story mode: complete.  I'm now trying to 100% the game.
Related story: I have a new feature article up at 3DSbuzz. Click HERE to read about my love for Lego games. I really loved the game, even though I haven't really watched the Clone Wars television show enough to understand the storyline.  I just know it was a fun LEGO game to play.  I still hate playing as characters who have a gun instead of a lightsaber, but that's because I'm trash at shooting and running at the same time.

Summer Job: Applied for? I applied at the mall at a few stores where I could work for the summer, we'll see if I get any calls from them.  I also applied as an editing/writing intern at a video game website that I won't name, but let's just say they're kind of a big deal.  Finger's crossed, everyone.

I've got to go write another article for 3DSBuzz, but guess what? Voting ends tomorrow for my poll challenge, which means TOMORROW I'm going to reveal what won and let you know what my plans are for completing the challenge.  If you are at all interested in helping decide (or giving me sometime particularly difficult to try--and please do!) let me know in the comments tomorrow, or through the facebook note I'm planning to write. Yaaaay Accomplishments!

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