Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Writing Challenge: Rules

I have designed my June Writing Challenge, and here it is:
1. Daily writing is essential. Round-ups don't count. Articles for 3DSBuzz don't count. The writing has to be specifically for the purpose of the challenge.  No cheating, or else there will be penalties, to be chosen at a later date.

2. The writing must have a specific source of inspiration.  That means: Movies, books, short stories, news articles, research projects, etc. EX: If I want to write a short science fiction story, then I need to read a science fiction short story anthology, or selections from said anthology.  If I'm going to write about a memory, I need to do something that evokes that memory.  If I want to write about Disney, I need to watch a Disney movie, or read a book about the parks.

3. Time limit.  The inspiration part of the project can take however long it needs to take (I can start reading a book now and not write about it until the 15th...) but it has to be current (I can't write about a book I read or movie I saw or thing I did say... a year ago...) and it has to be complete before I can write about it.  The writing part can only take one hour, completed ON THE DAY. (Sidebar: There will be no scripts on the day. If you know what that is a quote from, please enjoy a cookie.)

4. Challenges may be posed by others.  In fact, please pose challenges. I have to right to accept or reject them, but if I reject I promise to explain why.

5. If something coherent forms (I start a new play I really like, or ramble on about something I hate) I can stick with it, but that will be IN ADDITION to the challenge and can not count for more than one day's worth of the challenge.

That's it. That's the challenge.  If you've got any challenges in mind, please leave them in comments or on the facebook note (though seriously, if you have a gmail account, why aren't you following this blog? :D).
I already have ideas for ten days worth of this challenge, and I would LOVE some fresh ideas.  This challenge was actually developed based on the suggestions I got from you guys in the past couple days, so seriously, challenge away!


  1. Challenge:
    Start a legitimate short story thusly:


    It's your choice whether that's in quotes or not. Go.

  2. It's on the list.
    I actually really like this challenge.

  3. I actually laughed out loud when I read "ON THE DAY". It made me happy.