Sunday, June 5, 2011

Travel doesn't often make me weary

Today, I'm doing something I haven't done in... a long time. I'm going to write a bucket list.  I'm going to try and add a hundred things to a bucket list that hasn't been written since before Steve Irwin died. I have spent a lot of today doing a lot of nothing, except playing the Sims on my iPod, watching Doctor Who and Sleeping Beauty, and eating cheesecake.  I also spent time thinking about yesterday's sort of failure to complete this challenge, and the day before's total failure to complete the challenge, which means tomorrow I'm going to be editing the challenge rules, and maybe coming up with some preset challenges for the week, including the prep for the challenges. Today's bucket list started as an idea for planning a road trip, when I realized I'm going to do that when I finally have a big fold-out map in front of me, a set time to go on said road trip, and a partner in crime to plan the trip with me.
SO.  Let the bucket list begin:
1. Road trip across the country.  Best case scenario, the trip would start here on the east coast, and then it would end in Disney Land in Anaheim. There's too much of America to think about what I want to see in one trip, but there's plenty to see and do and I want to find the abandoned amusement parks and giant balls of yarn and paper towns.
2. Visit every Disney Park in the world at least once.
3. Publish a novel.
4. See a play of mine produced for a paying audience.
5. Visit every state in America.
6. Go snowboarding again.
7. Write the Harry Potter book with Sarah.
8. Own a pet pig.
9. Grow my own vegetables, herbs, fruit, etc. Grow things I can eat, and then eat them.
10. Get my Ph.D
11. Own a Thunderbird.  Yellow, with yellow and black leather interior.
12. Spend a summer reading at least two books every week. At LEAST.
13. Take proper cooking classes somewhere reputable.
14. Learn to decorate cakes like Mom used to.
15. Make my own ice cream.
16. See all the James Bond movies.
17. Build the yellow Padme dress.
18. Visit Scotland.
19. Go on a Harry Potter tour of England.
20.  See every Disney movie at least once (feature film. Made for TV doesn't count)
21. Spend a winter holed up writing and reading.
22. Attend every "event" in a Walt Disney world calendar year.
23. Visit Japan.
24. Live in at least five different states (and I do mean LIVE.)
25. Own an iguana.
26. Go on a "writing retreat"
27. See a television show taped live.
28. Meet Jason Segel.
29. Work with Muppets.
30. Work with Disney.
31. Play through Zelda: Ocarina of Time on a Nintendo 64.
32. Write for a video game developer.
33. Learn to play electric bass guitar
34. Learn to play ukulele
35. Explore an abandoned amusement park.
36. See a movie at a drive-in theatre. The older the movie, the better.
37. Go on a cruise.
38. Spend a night in a "haunted hotel"- Lizzie Borden's house is the top of the list.
39. Picnic.
40. Sleep under the stars.
41. Own dogs (yes. multiple).
42. find the question to life, the universe, and everything.
43. Read the Lord of the Rings.
44. Read the Harry Potter series out loud at bedtime to kids (They don't have to be mine, and I know that sounds so creepy but I think it's also self-explanatory.)
45. Work on Broadway
46. Own a Persian cat.
47. Meet John Green
48. Attend Comic-Con San Diego
49. Go to the San Diego Zoo.
50. Go to Harry Potter World.
51. Go to Lego World
52. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
53. Go inside the Statue of Liberty
54. Catalogue my book collection
55. Visit Germany
56. Spend an entire day at the Metropolitan Museum of art
57. See Star Wars on the big screen
58. Harry Potter Movie Marathon
59. build a train set
60. take a train overnight across the country
61. Astoria, Oregon.
62. Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of fame
63. See all of the movies on the AFI top 100 list
64. Read Narnia
65. Read the Wrinkle in Time series
66. Paint on a canvas
67. get a real fancy-like camera and know how to use it
68. See all of Doctor Who
69. See all of Flash Gordon
70. Collaborate with Lee on a play about a monkey running for congress.
71. Live in England
72. Run a webcomic
73. Read one Jane Austen novel (besides Pride and Prejudice) and try to understand why people find her so appealing
74. See Singing in the Rain, and Reefer Madness.
75. Learn about Stamford's history.
76. Understand Mandelbrot.
77. Visit Strawberry Fields
78. Have a proper tea party- British
79. Have a proper tea ceremony- Japanese
80. own a ball gown
81. replace my VHS collection with DVDs
82. own a fireplace with an overstuffed chair and books everywhere
83. build a star wars bookcase
84. See Bowling for Soup perform in Texas
Technically, that's an hour. But I'm going to break the rules a little and continue on to 100.

85. Learn to use a gun
86. Finish my Doctor Who scarf.
87. Make a "Books to read bucket list", then complete it.
88. Read all the Sherlock Holmes mysteries
89. Finish reading the Hitchiker's series
90. Finish a bucket list of 100 items
91. keep a journal every day for a year
92. Beat Kingdom Hearts II
93. Build Hogwarts out of legos without the instructions
94. Learn to build my own computer
95. volunteer at an animal rescue shelter
96. attend a red carpet movie premiere
97. go to a county fair
98. make a quilt
99. Play Super Mario 64... on a Nintendo 64.
100. Build a treehouse someone can live in.

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