Friday, June 3, 2011

Part two: going to disney

Alright. Next up on the agenda is Animal Kingdom. This is the only park that you can do in one day, have time for another park, and never return (well, until your next trip to Disney, that is). You have to know that this park is a glorified zoo, and I say that in the most loving way possible. There are animals literally EVERYWHERE and it's awesome. This is the biggest of the parks so make sure you've got plenty of water and comfy shoes or else your feetses will be barking.  You're going to want to start your day with an Everest fastpass, and again, get in line for the ride.  The queue area is amazing with plenty of hidden mickeys.  Camp Minnie-Mickey can be off-putting if you don't have kids, but this area was originally going to be used to represent fantasy animals (look at the animal kingdom logo- you can see hints of this with the dragon in the parade of animals) and there are still some indications of this never-developed land.  If you don't care about that, skip the Camp.  I can almost guarantee the two areas you're going to spend most of your time in will be Asia and DinoLand USA.  Asia has the Everest ride as well as the Kali River Rapids (do not expect to stay dry on this ride.), the best place to eat in the park (Yak and Yeti hotel) and it has the best animals, including monkeys, tigers and seriously the biggest bats I've ever seen.  DinoLand USA also has an awesome restaurant (Restaurantosaurus) and the best ride in the park: Dinosaur!  This ride has an air conditioned queue and is awesome.  Don't skip over Primeval Whirl, because it's a cool classic ride with an awesome Dinosaur theme!  Finding Nemo: The Musical is also in DinoLand, and believe me when I say there is not a bad seat in the house. DONT miss the Safari, it's the best place to see animals roaming free. Check out the tree of life and see the Bug's Life show inside the tree! It's so much fun!
Last, but certainly not least is EPCOT.  this park is going to take more than one visit to complete.  this is the best place for food and the best place for drinks (including the alcoholic kind...) and also has the most ground to cover on foot (Animal Kingdom is technically bigger because of the land they need for the safari grounds.)  EPCOT is literally two park ideas smashed together, one is "Future World" and the other is the "World Showcase." Future World has more rides, and all are great, but thrills are few and far between.  Definitely explore ALL the pavilions, because they are constantly changing to keep up with modern technology and new attractions are being added all the time.  There are games that are designed for kids but so interactive and cool that they're also fun for kids our age!
Also, ride living with the land twice- once during the day, and once after dark.  The greenhouse looks totally different between the two.
The world showcase is where you're going to want to eat everywhere you go.  Each country has at least two places to eat.  ALSO- it seems really cheesy, but don't skip out on the Kim Possible game.  You get a fake cell phone and characters from the Kim Possible cartoon call you based on your location in the showcase, then send you to interactive places in the shop and attractions, where you can interact with things like a moving coo-coo clock and dancing skeleton.  It's so great to watch people who aren't playing the game get confused when the parrot starts calling for your attention, or the nutcrackers begin to dance.  And if you get tired of the game, there are places all over the world showcase to deposit the phone. Three things you will kick yourself for missing: Maelstrom ride in Norway, Off-Kilter rock band in Canada, and the Illuminations fireworks show on the international lake.  Seriously, you want a good spot in the showcase for this one.  The music is phenomenal, the fireworks are mind-blowing, and the globe screen can't be seen anywhere else.  Also, characters are EVERYWHERE in the world showcase, even ones that are less popular, and people don't expect to see them so the lines almost never get too long.
Alright. that's it for now.  More later.

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