Monday, May 21, 2018

Pay the Artist, Please

Wow I did a lot of publishing last week. Too bad I don't get paid per word--that would be killer.
In the mean time, I created a new spreadsheet (I know, ANOTHER ONE?) That helps me manage my social media publishing schedule in accordance with when each platform is the most active. So. That should...make things more efficient.

I guess I'm frustrated and if I didn't write about frustration as often as joy, I'd be lying. I'm frustrated because I genuinely work 40 hours a week on a slow week and at the end of the MONTH my takeaway is pocket change. I'm not mismanaging my time, I'm not wasting it messing what's the problem?

The problem is two-fold: one, I'm a writer, and I only want to write, right? And two: that job doesn't pay enough. If I weren't married, I couldn't do this. If I didn't have a partner supporting me, I couldn't do this. I'd need to get a "proper" day job and work at a desk, probably producing less content for more money because I was part of a machine and not just an off-the-grid generator. Or something. You gotta work within the system in order to reap its rewards, or something.

I don't want to get into a complaining rant about day jobs or defend my feelings, because I'm not trying to be derisive about day jobs or complain that I don't get paid enough for my passion project. What I'm frustrated with is that I've been doing this for ten years with increasing success and the more I write the less it seems people are willing to pay me for it.

Ten years, and the biggest sites I've written for were internships. That's the messed up part here. And being a freelancer is my choice--I love controlling my own time and writing or reading or doing research about bats and trains instead of going into an office and sitting through meetings where my ideas are ignored or dismissed before they're even tested, or fully explained. I'm super lucky to have the job I have, I just wish it were vauled more by the people who want me to produce content. It's a common artist complaint, and I'd be lying if I tried to say I'm unique in my plight.

Anyway this post is getting long and it's not Friday, so I'm going to save my "fixation" post for later this week. And then hopefully get another one out this Friday. We'll see.

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