Friday, September 30, 2011

I need to get in Better Blogging Habits.

I'm setting a new goal, starting today.

Two blog posts a week--one on Friday, one on Wednesday. I want to start a series of lists, probably in addition to the blog posts.

So mark this in your calendars, friends. This is the first of regular posting to the site. Regular updates. Wednesday will be a real post, Friday a project round up, and Monday will be the lists. I think I can handle that. And so, without Further Ado, the weekly project round-up.

I finished my Doctor Who scarf earlier this month. It's twenty feet long and currently keeping the headrest to my driver's seat in my car nice and toasty. The next projects for crafts are Jeremy's Jedi costume, and Totoros for Jer and Code. Margaret and Ben visited a couple weeks ago and we found a great yarn store where I'm planning to get supplies for the Totoros as soon as possible.

Reading is kind of on hold lately, though I just read the first book in Dangerous Angels for the umpteenth time and it made me think a lot of things. It's my favorite book for so many reasons, most of which I had forgotten. First of all it's the first book I read that really relied on character development rather than plot. Well, it's the second book that acted that way, the first being A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
Anyhow I was reading it and I realized there are a lot of Big Ideas in there that I sort of take to heart still today. For instance, being gay is just a way to be, it's not something the characters argue about or hold against one another. It's accepted and the characters are loved. And when Weetzie is raising Cherokee, she tells her about love with another Person-- girl or boy doesn't matter. And the characters are all very aware of the World Outside. Even when things are good, that doesn't stop them from thinking about the people outside who have it much worse off. There's a certain amount of perspective that I really appreciate.
I love the idea of a surrogate family-- a group of people who love each other even though they aren't obligated to.
This was the first time I read Weetzie Bat as a standalone piece rather than the whole book, and I think that made my awareness more acute, because I was focusing on way less text. Anyhow, I thought it was really interesting and still count it as my favorite book in the universe even though it has its flaws.

I'm back at school and schoolwork is taking over my life, as per usual. I feel kind of stressed all the time, even when my work is done. It's weird.

Movies are going slower, now, too, because I cancelled the DVD portion of my Netflix account, so I'm relying on the streaming library.

Comic-con is coming up in a few weeks, and there should be plenty to talk about then. I'm working a little for Kotaku that weekend. We'll see what comes of it. I'm attending the con as press this year, and I'll be there on Thursday-Sunday. There are a bunch of what look like really interesting panels on Thursday about integrating video games and libraries, and the two working together to promote reading in young kids. I'm really interested to see what that all even means and how libraries are changing and what-not. I'm super excited for the con in general.

I think that's it for now. I'll be back, hopefully, on Monday with a Monday List-a-thon