Friday, May 4, 2018

A Fixation Friday Moment of Silence

-For the Duffer Bros and their shaky integrity


 -For JK Rowling and the fact that she's been canceled


-For Kanye West and his missing mind


-For Ferris Bueller, who is home from school because of his very serious and not at all made up illness.


 -And for Michael Jackson. In memoriam. Always.

I started drafting this post a looooong time ago, but the list of people doing dumb shit in the spotlight has grown longer and longer since then. Instead of starting over I've just added to it.
Stranger Things 3 began filming recently, without camera crew member Peyton Brown, who accused the Duffers of "verbally abusing women" on set. The bros have since apologized in a stereotypical "we did it but it doesn't count" kind of way. Netflix apparently investigated and found no wrong-doing. That, of course, doesn't mean the bros are clean, just that the streaming service isn't willing to do anything about it in case it messes with one of their biggest money-making properties.

I don't even want to get into the JK Rowling fiasco and how much she is letting fans of the Harry Potter franchise down on the reg. Just click the links above for some of her recent bullshit and how she's not living up to pretty much anyone's expectations, which is deeply disappointing.

And then Kanye lost his mind at some point in the last few weeks, not only fanboying over 45 and his M*GA catchphrase, but calling out celeb buddy John Legend for daring to privately text message him over the strange political outburst. Don't misunderstand me here: Kanye can do whatever he wants as far as making political statements. But to go so far as to claim love for our current pres (who has little to no love for anyone with melanin in their skin), to taut the leader's closed-minded philosophies and then claim that enslavement of any kind is an active choice? Seems out of character for him. I mean like the episode of Spongebob where Plankton takes over his brain levels of out of character.

Fixations of the Week

Foster Cats

I signed up to volunteer for a local cat TNR and foster organization, "Best Friends in Harford County". On Tuesday, I got my first foster buddy, a one-eyed cat named Catty Boh. She was found wandering around outside and when the organization finally tracked down her family, they decided they didn't want her back. I don't understand this in even the best case scenario, which Catty seems to be. She is gentle and friendly, she loves having her head scratched and she lays next to me when I come sit in her room for while I read. She's house trained and she eats and drinks like the dainty lady she is. The only possible explanation: her old family did not deserve her or any other pet. Catty lost her eye after an injury from being outside for five months post-indoor cat life. I have no idea how old she is but she's an absolute sweetheart and I hope she finds a good Furrever home ASAP!

"Our First Mistake"

Kerrigan and Lowdermilk are a musical duo that constistently blow me away. Lauryn has played some of their tracks for me in the past, but when they showed up on my Spotify discover, I had to dive deeper into their catalog. "Our First Mistake" is an outstanding album of tracks written and composed by K+L, sung by a variety of musical and pop artists.


Blowing off school, Bueller-style
My resolutions this year include traveling to visit friends more often, and I did that last weekend! I traveled to Chicago for the first time ever, and visited Leia and her roommate Meghan as well as their cats Yuki, Maple, and Basil. Leia and I went to see a Cubs game. We also drove down Lake Shore Drive and visited some filming locations from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which I love. I had an amazing time, and hope to go back soon.
The trip wasn't all leisure, though. I also visited a handful of indi bookstores to find out what the city would be like on a book tour. There are so many author events that it would be easy to spend a day or two there and find a huge audience simply by reading at a few different bookstores!


I set up a Ko-Fi account, where you can help keep this writing machine going by buying me a coffee, or a box of pop-tarts, or whatever. Well, you give me the money and I buy the thing. Doing what I do is not financially profitable at the moment, so if you like even one blog post or article I've written lately, throw a dollar or two into the jar for me, and I'll be sure to thank you in an upcoming post.
Thank you already to Sheri Smith, who bought my first few coffees! Sheri is always cheering me on with encouraging text messages or emails, which are just as (if not more) valuable :D

Infinity War

I'm not ready to talk about Infinity War.  Are you? Because if you are that might make you a monster. Spoiler-free review: holy crap. Saw it twice, still want to go back for more punishment. Who am I?

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