Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Character Sketch: Steven Allredo


Steven Allredo, though he is frequently referred to as a shadow or a shrouded splotch of darkness.


Younger than he seems, but older than he looks.


Evil Genius? Does it count as an occupation if you're doing it without getting paid? Steven is also an assistant in the laboratories at the Other School.

Physical Description:

Steven in extremely pale--partially because he spends too much time in the dark, partially because he's underfed. He has a messy mop of hair on his head and he wears glasses too big for his face.

Personality traits:

Steven is incredibly intelligent and he doesn't let you forget it. He is very devoted to his experiments, and his "plan". He doesn't get along well with others, and tends to spend his time alone in his lab.


Steven is incredibly intelligent so he started college very young. He was not bullied, he was not left behind, he was not specifically mocked. Steven is a scientist and he starts his experiments in the pursuit of knowledge. Once he realizes he can create life, however, he was determined to build an army and take over the world. That's as far as he planned.
He was specifically challenged to bring the mummy in the basement of the Private School's library back to life. 

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