Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Character Sketch: Desert Orchid Booker


Desert Orchid Booker (Dezi for short)




High School student. Dezi also runs a blog about weird things going on in her town. She gets paid in loving comments from people who are definitely not trolls. 

Physical Description:

Dezi is thin and long limbed and has looooong black hair. She has an olive complexion. She wears her hair in lots of braids, and dresses in oversized coats and jeans that are soft from being washed a lot.

Personality traits:

Dezi is stubborn and too smart for her own good sometimes. She investigates anomalies. As an older sister she feels like she needs to protect a lot of people around her. She watches the world through a camera and writes about it through her blog--holding a lot of things at arms length.  It's a safety situation.


Growing up in a lazy New Jersey town can drive you crazy. Dezi has taken the opportunity to spend all her down-time writing about supernatural things that she sees happen "in reality". 
She and her sister were very close when they were very young, but they're not as close anymore. 
Curtain up on this story, and Dezi is chasing one shadow in particular, a shadow that keeps running in and out of trees after squirrels.

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