Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Character Sketch: The Sheriff of Wild West Jersey


Starbuck McLaw


Has been reanimated for approximately one year. Was born originally during Egypt's "New Kingdom" period.


He spends most of his days hiding so...Hermit? He enforces the law by day and night in equal measure which I think might disqualify him from super-heroism. Maybe just heroism.
Pest control--specialty in squirrels.

Physical Description:

Well....he's wrapped in mummy cloths. His eyes (as well as all his internal organs) were harvested from the science lab at the great big University. They are a pretty hazel, and he is rather proud.

He wears sunglasses and an oversized cowboy hat, as well as ill-fitting clothes he found in the library's lost and found. The way he figures it's not stealing because he FOUND the clothes someone else LOST, so he doesn't feel bad about taking them. Most of the time the clothes consist of some type of denim, a huge letter jacket, and mis-matched running sneakers.

Starbuck has all his limbs. 

Personality traits:

Lawful good. Loyalty. Curiosity. Slightly behind the times on colloquialisms. Has a squirrel issue.

His brain was taken from an old police man from Colorado, and he has taken on some of the man's former speech patterns and more than just some of his sensibilities for law-enforcement. It frequently matches poorly with the notions he still somehow has from his days in Egypt.


Starbuck was originally a young pharoh in ancient Egypt. His name from the time is still unknown, though Steven could have found out if he'd bothered to check while unceremoniously removing him from his coffin. Steven reanimated Starbuck a year ago, after several unsuccessful attempts at Mummy sidekicks to help him lead his revolution.
While Starbuck certainly wasn't the first of these experiment that Steven deemed a "success", he is the most impressive as he's the only once capable of speech.
When Starbuck was first "alive", he would help Steven to dig up more dead bodies, steal more organs from the morgue at the University, build proto type and then full-functioning "zombies" for his irrational plan to take over the world. Along the line, however, his desire to enact the law and protect the citizens of East Hollystock (located in scenic West Jersey), caused him to rebel against Steven's bidding.

That's pretty much a run down of our leading man. Want more? Leave it in the comments below.

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