Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh Hey Look Who's Alive

It's me. I'm alive.

I just finished obsessing over my midterm paper for a class tonight, but here's a Daily Thought full of links!

First, you can see on the sidebar that 1. you can now follow me on twitter right from the blog! and 2. Jeremy has been added as a writer. Mostly that's because he's a Code Monkey and I am not, and hopefully the site will be getting a facelift soon, but if you stick around long enough, maybe you'll get to read some of this writing!

Second, Quirk Books wants you to know about Taft 2012. I also want you to know about Taft 2012. Lauryn will also be telling you how much she wants you to know about Taft 2012. Each of those links will take you somewhere different, and in December/January, you will get to hear what Laur and I think of the book, which we will be reading.

Third, NaNoWriMo is this month. I am already behind, but only by one day and I blame my midterm paper, which is now done. If you haven't signed up for NaNo, then you seriously have some issues. I love that my literary peeps are all abuzz about NaNo. You can watch my very own progress bar fill up, if you'd like, and fill up your own progress bar along with me! Seriously, the community over there is amazing and you'll fall in love.

I guess that's all for now. LEAVE COMMENTS!

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