Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kindle Fire and Comixology are a Match Made in...the Factory

Remember when I went on a big rant about digital comics?

Well here's some interesting news about the way digital comics distribution is changing ever so slightly:
Comixology is going to come standard on the Kindle Fire. This is great news because it will encourage people who may not have thought about digital comics, or even reading comic books at all, to start doing so on their Fire. Heck, the app is there, we may as well use it.

David Steinberger, CEO and co-founder of comiXology, had this to say about the announcement: 
“Comics have arrived! Today’s news opens up a whole new audience to the world of comic books. We’ve worked long and hard to become the leader in the field of digital comics and this opportunity enables us to turn a whole new generation of people into comic book fans…and we can’t wait to do just that!”

Comixology online

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