Thursday, November 10, 2011


Jen's Note: I told you guys I had big news. It's bigger than big... it's HUGE!
Please welcome two new writers to the site, one being Lauryn, who is my awesome sister. She'll be doing book news and reviews, and maybe some movie stuff, too!! Here she is!

Hey everyone! My name's Lauryn and I’m Jen’s little sister. She asked me to start writing reviews and add to her blog so I thought, why not? I’ve tried to begin blogs before but distractions with school and extra courses took over my life. I’m a 13 year old 8th grader and this has been the easiest year of actual classes. VHS (Virtual High School), however, has been very stressful and most of my homework is articles and reports for Contemporary Irish Literature. I like to read and write but performance is really my calling. I’m an actress, currently in Seussical the Musical at school and rehearsals are really hectic. One of my favorite shows is Adventure Time. I mean, really, who doesn’t love that show?
With Lauryn's intro, and the news that you'll all be getting later today, I figured now would be a good time to do a tiny intro myself! I’m Jen (obviously) and I started this blog back in the winter, when it was cold. Now it’s cold again and the blog is getting an overhaul. Here is a little about myself: I’m a 23 year old grad student, working on my Masters in Theatre Studies. I will hopefully be done this May. I love to write, love to read, and love to watch movies. My favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop, I love tea--iced or hot, Robot Chicken never ceases to make me laugh, and I was devastated when Nickelodeon Magazine folded.
Like I said, the blog is undergoing an overhaul (I like the opposites there, under and over...) and we're going to try and focus on entertainment news and plenty of reviews. Which leads me into my news for this evening. LOOK OUT FOR A WHOLE NEW SECTION TO THE SITE!
Signing off,
--Jen and Lauryn

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