Thursday, July 26, 2012

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

I have a lot of thoughts about things. Some are left over from CTcon, some are from an article I read in EW this morning. The article is here:
The title explains the article, for the most part, but what I'm trying to wrap my head around is whether our popular culture has really become less empathetic, which I'm starting to think maybe it has. I'm not sure though, so look for those thoughts later tonight.

We're trying to look for a new place, and then to move to said new place. I also interviewed for an internship at a theatre today. A very specific theatre where I really want to work, even though the pay is pretty low and it's full-time work. For now, I'm just watching Spongebob, but I'm leaving in...twenty minutes.

I've also been selling a bunch of my movies and books online and at FYE. I'm trying to get rid of things I don't need, declutter my life and what-not...but I have so much crap I've barely made a dent. At my parents' house, however, I've been throwing things away like a fiend. I threw away boxes of crap and donated boxes of other crap. I just have to keep throwing away, selling and donating my stuff and eventually I won't have so much of it. Hmmm.

I've been trying to work on my Stu series today, but I'm in a funk. A writing funk. Maybe I need to sit in front of a notebook with a pen and lock myself in a room until I've written. I have to email a few people back that I met while I was at CTcon. It really was a spectacular convention, and the fact that it's so well attended on the same weekend as SDCC (even though they're on opposite coasts and whatnot) speaks to its success. I really like my time there and meeting so many awesome people. Now I just have to follow up with the ones I haven't emailed yet. Onward!

I also read a bunch of The Last Policeman today, which I will eventually review. I want to review Water for Elephants, considering I read it a while back and really enjoyed it for dramaturgical reasons.  I really need to get back to the whole reason I created this blog--to organize my projects and take things one project at a time. BUT in the mean time, I've got to go look at a house and decide if I want to live there.
Move along.

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