Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm a Failure Because I Haven't Got a Brain

I haven't been writing 1,000 words a day. Jer's b-day was on Friday, so we had guests all weekend. Plus also, I've started at my new job selling shoes like a fiend. Alternately, if you're in the Northern Jersey area and need shoes, hit me up.

Tomorrow I don't go into work until 6:00 (well okay I'll be leaving around 5). I've been called in on a special day when Corporate is coming to check out the store. Apparently I'm good at my job, and they scheduled me during the important visit on purpose. I suppose that's good news, though it makes me kind of nervous that I have to make people buy ALL THE SHOES.  Which, apparently, I'm already doing anyways, but perhaps that's beside the point.

Before my nerve-wracking evening shift, I have the whole day to write and write and write, since I flushed today down the toilet and did basically nothing except act like a sloth and feel bad for myself. In the mean time, I'm rewatching the end of season four of Doctor Who. God I wish I could create universes like this.

I'm going to Connecticon this weekend, and covering it for IHoGeek. Also Amy's wedding shower is Saturday, and then her and Joey's wedding is next Saturday. I barely have time to catch my breath, let alone get anything done. I have to start looking for career jobs. Soon. And emailing people, and cleaning out my inbox and organizing my desk space and......

phew. One step at a time, like my blog says. One project at a time, or I'll never get anything done.
Anyhow. Back to work.

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