Friday, October 14, 2011

NYCC, Day Two, and the weekly Round-Up

Here is some of what I did yesterday:
and here is some more of what I did yesterday:

That's Petah's youtube channel.

Today I did Star Wars things. And then some Robot Chicken things.

I handed out almost all of my business cards, which is both awesome and frustrating because uh I still can't figure out my printer. Anyhow, I'm very sleepy and I've got nothing particularly exclusive to report, except that Ashley Eckstein is incredibly sweet and nice and I'm going to buy her t-shirts tomorrow.
I'd like to get some Sims Medieval in before bed, so the weekly round-up is also going to be very short:

Books: I started reading The Geography of Bliss, which my Mom is supposed to be reading with me. So far, so good. I'm only twenty pages in,though. I've got my eye on a couple new books that I'd like to buy tomorrow, we'll see.

Games: I bought my own Minecraft account this week. Once my life slows down a little, I'll be jumping on the game more to play with the boys. I want a Beauty and the Beast castle. And a Tardis.

Movies/Television: Robot Chicken Season 5 is coming out on Blu-ray next week. Want. Oh, and tangentially related, Cody and I bought a collection (yes a whole collection) of Totoros today. Family photo:

Hopefully there will be a nice "my first con" diary piece up on Kotaku on Monday. I've got a few pieces I'd like to post early next week, too, and expect to be able to see photos and videos up soon. I've gotten kind of addicted to vlogging, and it's a disease I honestly thought I would never catch, but it's so highly contagious that just being around Peter all day while he vlogs away has given me a case, and a pretty severe one. Don't be surprised if a sister youtube channel ends up happening sometime in the next few months.

Anyhow. I've got to go plug in everything I own so it's charged up for tomorrow--so far I've held off on buying anything (except Totoros... but those were already on a list of things to purchase) but tomorrow there will be a significant chunk of change left with various vendors. I've got my eyes on a few books, I've got to get presents for the Leebert, there's a book I think Maxwell will really love, and I have to go back to Ashley and buy shirts.

I think I can keep the "cash spent" number pretty low--I've avoided buying food at the convention center by bringing a sandwich and a refillable water bottle, and I've gone wandering around the show floors reminding myself that unless something REALLY jumps out at me, it will be there the next day and if I really want it that badly I'll remember where I left it.

It's definitely time to go play Sims Medieval before bed. Night!!

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