Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day Four: A Letter To Agents

It's been a rough couple of days, but I MADE A PROMISE DAMMIT. Here's the Original Post, for good measure, and here's today's prompt:
Day 4: Write a letter to an agent telling her how wonderful you are.
To Everyone In the World Who is Even Entertaining the Idea of Hiring me:
Not all of you can have me--and not all of you even want me, I can promise you that. 
I know far too much about the history of Disney, about cheeses, and about Chaucer. I get very excited about Victorian theatre, and would prefer if it rained every day. I do not enjoy reading Jane Austen, or movies where animals are in trouble. My favorite Shakespeare is Midsummer Night's Dream. 
When I write, I write what I like--and that means the subject matter can be unpredictable. Of course, that also means my writing comes from a place of passion. I write plays and essays and young adult novels. I have written my fair share of fanfiction and movie reviews, and I have worked in entertainment journalism for almost four years now.
I have written a play about being in middle school on 9/11, and another where Mario escapes from his video game world. I have written a novel about being a princess on an imaginary planet, and one about high schoolers dealing with Geeky Love. My writing has been featured on several blogs and websites, including Kotaku.com--a video game blog read by millions of fans each day. One of my favorite months of the year is November, because that is when I get to participate in the international National Novel Writing Month challenge, where participants write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. 
In short, I have a very specific way of rising to any occasion, and would be honored to work with you on continuing to diversify my portfolio!

That's it for today. Convincing someone that I am even okay when I am having the kind of week I'm having at the moment is... not easy. I welcome any and all comments. 

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  1. Not all of you can have me--and not all of you even want me, I can promise you that.

    Take that and make it ->Not all of you can have me.