Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy July--Welcome to Camp!

Alright. June Challenge ended up falling flat, that's largely my fault and if nothing else I've learned from my mistakes.
This month, however, there will be no failure.
Campnanowrimo.org launched just a week before July started, and it was way too close to the start of the month for me to write a whole new book (Don't worry. There's a project in the works for August. An awesome project about glimmering zombies and Dom is going to star in the motion picture.)
So I'm using July to edit.  It's already going well. I'm starting working on By the Sound, and I'm already on scene three, which is the notorious beach scene. (That sounds a lot sexier than it is, I promise.)
Anyhow, that's what I'm working on primarily in July.
I also just ate succotash at work and now I want to learn to make it, too.
The Jedi costume pattern has been cut out and I need to pin it to the fabric and cut that shit out sometime this month.
I'm slowly but surely (mostly slowly) making my way through Ocarina of Time, which Jeremy will get to play once I'm done. I can't guarantee that will happen within the month of July.
I spent July 4th weekend in Medford with Jer and Cody and Dom and Lea. It was awesome.
Harry Potter 7 part II comes out a week from Thursday. I can't handle that, but I ordered my new t-shirt for the movie premiere (I'm going for irony on this one) and I'm super excited.  We're springing for the double feature where they play the first part 7 movie before the new one at midnight.  I love going to movie marathons at the cinema. I love movie marathons, but especially at the cinema and even MORE when it's Harry Potter.  If I didn't have a stupid job where I have responsibilities and shit, I would go to the week long marathon, where they're playing all eight movies (two a night) leading up to the premiere.
Anyhow, I'm at work right now and I should get back to... looking for things to do at work. Follow me around on twitter, where I've reemerged: https://twitter.com/#!/Jenisaur
C'ya later!

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